Dunnage Air Bag

Dunnage air bags provide reliable cushioning to secure cargo during transit, preventing shifting and damage in shipping containers and trucks.

Protect Your Cargo with Airpack’s Dunnage Air Bag

Airpack presents the Dunnage Air Bag, a robust solution designed to secure and protect your cargo during transit. Engineered for reliability and ease of use, our air bags effectively fill voids and stabilize shipments, preventing movement and minimizing the risk of damage.

Airpack’s Dunnage Air Bag is your partner in safeguarding shipments, ensuring items arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Trust Airpack for dependable packaging solutions that prioritize cargo protection and efficiency.

Key Features :
  • Secure Packaging: Inflate to form a sturdy cushion that braces cargo against shocks, vibrations, and shifts in transportation.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of industries including logistics, automotive, and manufacturing, ensuring adaptable protection for various goods.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-strength materials, our air bags resist punctures and withstand rigorous handling, offering long-lasting performance.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Helps reduce shipping costs by minimizing product damage and optimizing container space utilization.
Product's Sub Categories & Sizes :
  • Paper Dunnage Air Bag: 900X600 PAPER, 900 X 900 PAPER, 900 X 1200 PAPER, 900 X 1500 PAPER, 900 X 1800 PAPER, 900 X 2100 PAPER, 900 X 2200 PAPER


  • PP Dunnage Air Bag: 600×900 PP , 900 X 900 PP, 900 X 1200 PP, 900 X 1800 PP, 900 X 2100 PP, 1200 X 1500 PP, 1200 X 1800 PP, 1200 X 2000 PP, 1200 X 2100 PP, 1200 X 2400 PP, 1200 X 2800 PP, 1200 x 3000 PP


  • Transparent Void Dunnage Air Bag: 300×300 mm, 300×600 mm, 600×600 mm, 400×600 mm, 600×800 mm, 600×900 mm, 600×1000 mm, 900×900 mm, 900×1000 mm

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Innovation and Customization

Airpack strives to become the market leader in the primary protective packaging industry by providing innovative, user-friendly, cost-effective and customizable protective packaging solutions.


Adaptable packaging solutions suitable for diverse applications in various industries and shipping scenarios.


Incorporates cutting-edge technology and design to deliver superior performance and reliability in packaging solutions.


Consistently delivers high-quality performance and dependable results to meet customer expectations and industry standards.


Offers tailored solutions to meet specific packaging requirements, ensuring optimal protection and fit for every shipment.


Provides robust and resilient packaging that withstands rough handling and safeguards products from damage.


Streamlines packing processes, optimizing time and resources for enhanced operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Utilizes eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.


Ensures exceptional safety and security for fragile items during transportation and storage.

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