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No investments are needed. All you need is an air compressor as your application tool, requiring almost no costs while changing to AIRBAG technology. In addition, we will create a free, personalized sample for each of our customers, including a drop test with your product.
What are the major benefits of the AIRBAG in comparison with other packaging solutions?
One of the major advantages in comparison to other packaging solutions is found in the impressive reduction of cost per unit, especially when handling large product runs. In addition to that, AIRBAG technology fulfills standards that make it environmentally friendly, as the AIRBAG consists mostly of air.

Once inflated, AIRBAGs may hold their air pressure up to two years. Statistically the bag loses 8% within 180 days. Thus, AIRBAGs are a reusable, effective, cost-saving packaging solution.

Yes. We keep a wide range of certain types of AIRBAGs in stock, such as the types for toner cartridges, bottles of wine, etc.

Basic AIRBAGs are not anti-static. We do offer anti-static AIRBAGs at the same price.

Generally no longer than 5 seconds. You can speed up time with our most recent tool: the workstation. This machine – as powerful as it can get – helps to reduce the whole process of inflation to 2-3 seconds total.
Is it possible to test out the AIRBAG technology at first?
Of course! We have prepared a starter kit, which includes everything you need to start right away. The kit combines different types and sizes of AIRBAG-products.
What is the maximum weight of a product that can be packaged with AIRBAG?
AIRBAGs can protect items up to a total weight of 20-30 kg (45-65 lbs).
Is it possible to order customized bags with a colored surface or my logo on the AIRBAG?
No problem! All tones and colors from the German-standardized RAL-chart are available on your AIRBAG product.

A AIRBAG is inflated with an air pressure of 0,7 bar. Because of that variations in air pressure in an airborne plane do not cause any kind of problems for the AIRBAG.

AIRBAGs withstand changes in temperature without any problems. The minimum temperature endurance starts at -22° F. (-30 ° C.) and goes up to a maximum temperature endurance of 140° F. (60° C.).
Do AIRBAGs contain any substances that are included in the “REACH Conformity”?
AIRBAGs do not contain any softeners, nor other substances, that are included in the REACH Conformity. AIRBAGs can be considered one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions of our time.
Are there any products for which AIRBAGs are best suited?
AIRBAGs can be used for almost every product! They are most often used as protective packaging solutions for

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