“Since using your bottle packs our number of breakages has fallen from approx 20% to zero, which has saved us a great deal of money and time”

Online Wine Retailer

“... we are really pleased that not only have our breakages been reduced significantly, but at how well your AirPacks have been received by our customers.”

Bottled Goods Wholesaler and Retailer

“We have now been using AirPacks for over 6 months and in that time we have yet to experience any breakages whilst in transit, and our warehouse looks a lot tidier now we don’t have mountains of polystyrene everywhere!”

Bottled Goods Distributor

“We have only just finished our trial of AirPacks but we can confirm that we are now ready to phase out our existing supply of pulp ends and begin using AirPacks to distribute our entire product range.”

Toner Cartridge Manufacturer

“The main reason is that your products' environmentally friendly credentials met with firm approval from our National Retailers' environmental policy. As you know they have also expressed an interest in using AirPacks for some of their other product ranges as well”

Toner Cartridge Manufacturer

“I’ve been really impressed with your AirPacks. I’ve found them quick and easy use and they take up to no space in storage. They’ve literally transformed my packing process. Many Thanks.”

Ebay PowerSeller

“In summary, the main advantages to us have been the sheer volume of pallet space we have freed up and also that your AirPacks are helping us move towards becoming greener!”

Toner Cartridge Distributor

“I have to admit that I didn’t think your product was going to be able to protect, what is after all a very heavy and fragile object – thankfully I was wrong!”

Online Retailer of Slate Products

“Now that our warehouse staff have got used to using AirPacks they have said there’s no going back to polystyrene and sweeping up!”

Bottled Goods Distributor

“We estimate that by using your products we have reduced our warehouse by over 70% as we no longer have to buy and store vast quantities of polystyrene.”

Toner Cartridge Component Manufacturer

“The nice thing about using AirPacks is that they can be used over and over again and that it is easy for our repair centres to both send and receive our laptops.”

Online Laptop Retailer

“Can’t fault them, no drawbacks”

Electronic Goods Supplier

The above extracts have been taken from our existing customers in response to a customer feedback questionnaire (Dec 09) with their full permission.