Traditional packaging materials used to protect fragile items during transit include polystyrene, pulp cardboard, bubble wrap, polyethylene and even newspaper.Environmentally Friendly

Until relatively recently these forms of packaging were the only viable, cost effective solutions when sending out goods that are prone to damage during transit including glass bottles, toner cartridges and electronic items.

Unfortunately the most effective and commonly used packaging materials of polystyrene, pulp and polyethylene all have their drawbacks, especially as we move to a more environmentally conscious world with increased transportation and storage costs.

Thankfully the introduction of 100% recyclable inflatable packaging from AirPack Systems not only overcomes all of the problems associated with these traditional packaging materials, but at the same time offers real and significant benefits that will not only reduce your breakages and returns but could also reduce your storage and shipping costs.

Please look at the comparison chart below which outlines some of the main differences between AirPacks, Pulp Mould, Polystyrene and Polyethylene. You can also visit our Key Advantages of AirPacks for more reasons to switch to using AirPacks.

Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging for Fragile Items