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Container Dunnage Bag

Trucks and Ocean-going vessels. The use of Dunnage bags can have a positive impact on road safety. According to European Commission Transportation Department “it has been estimated that up to 25% of accidents involving trucks can be attributable to inadequate cargo securing”. Dunnage bags are very easy to work with. They inflate rapidly with the use of an inflator using compressed air. Dunnage bags are very safe to use for both the shipping and receiving end of transportation. These are waterproof. The cushions are easy to install and are inflated by compressed air often by means of an outlet in the truck’s compressed air system or compressors.

Easy To use. Safety solution

Load restraint using air pressure

Effective and safe control of Loads whilst transportation

Extremely quick and efficient holding and release of loads thus saving a lot of time

No damage to the Load being inflated

Lower weight also means lower transportation cost

Suppleness of air accommodates irregularities of the loads, acts as a shock absorber in Load Shifting

After inflating, no Load movement during transportation, safety, saving light, easy to use and no damage for cargo