Product Details

Cushion Airbag

Inflatable Stuffing Air cushion bag is customized for boot support, hanbag or cases fill-in and other similar product's fill-in which is made with recycled material. And with our highly designed valves,  air can be inflated with simple instruments and automatic lock up . These kind of air cushion, not only can fill the a specified shoe in and provide it a good shape in showcase, but also  can be used to effectively void-fill different bags and carton space. Which can largely reduce costs and saving valuable storage space.


  1. As your requested,we can provide you different supported weight material;
  2. Comply with your required dimension to design and manufacture ;
  3. Manifold inflation valve can help you to conquer one-off use.You can inflate and deflate at random ;
  4.  Professional development and designing inflator,let each bags own same inflation capacity ;
  5.  You can easy to inflate through varies common inflatable tools.We also supply various inflatable tools,you can choose you like.