AirPack packaging is made from a formula of synthetic film using the most advanced manufacturing processes available - which together produce the highest quality protective packaging of this type available on the market.

Step by step instruction to inflating an Air pack

Maximum shipping & storage space cost savings.Once inflated, Airpacks will provide your fragile goods with superior protection during tranist due to the unique cushioning effect of a series of individual inflation chambers that mould themselves around your product when inflated.

AirPacks are inflated via a single inflation point using a standard pin air pump which passes air through a series of one way valves, into independent air chambers that then inflate and mould themselves around your product to provide maximum protection possible.

In the event that one of the independent air chambers bursts during transit the remaining chambers remain inflated and any subsequent shock is dispersed through the remaining chambers to ensure your product remains protected.

Using our AirPacks to protect your fragile goods is incredibly quick, clean and easy and can be broken down into 3 easy steps.

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